Cornhole Kenya is a privately held organization dealing with and promoting the game of cornhole in Kenya. Cornhole Kenya aspires to popularize the game/sport of cornhole, throughout the country to reach each and every corner and propel the game to be a mainstream sport in the country. Cornhole, also known as bean bag or bag toss is currently one of the most popular outdoor games in the United States. Cornhole Kenya intends to promote the sport within Kenya and the East African Region to the extent that it will be the most popular sport and leisure activity in region. The fact that this amazing game can be played by virtually anyone, regardless of gender or age inspires our ultimate goal of bringing this sport to every household, every work place, every place of gathering and every leisure hall or avenue in the region.

Cornhole Kenya currently makes and sells cornhole boards and bags including regulation compliant sets. All our boards and bags are made in Kenya, to the international standards in accordance with the leading organizations that regulate the game in the United States. Apart from making the game sets, we also organize tournaments and events themed around the the game. Upon invitation, we also cater to individuals, organizations and companies willing to incorporate the game in their team building, leisure or family events such as weddings by supplying the game sets and demonstrating first hand how  the game is played. Our rules and regulations are in line with the rules and regulations of the game in the United States. Cornhole Kenya is also seeking ways to enhance cooperation with national and international entities to further the development and promotion of the sport of cornhole in the country and the region.

Cornhole Kenya believes that incorporating this beautiful and readily affordable leisure sport in our daily living has a potential to greatly enhance the quality of life and happiness generally. Just like a prayer, "a family that plays together stays together".